Follow your heart

follow-your-heart-print.jpgI am quite nervous and my fingers are reluctant to write and say a hello to all the beautiful readers! It might be because its been over ages since I had attempted to write anything and thus it is obvious that I give you all the rights to feel free and judge my grammatical errors!

Ahh. writing few words make me feel as though I have found myself back. I have been so busy with my life, with my career, with my friends and family around me that I almost forgot what defines me. Of course, each one of us is different and that’s what makes people unique.

The other day I was watching a video over YouTube in which a speaker was givingΒ  a motivational speech and she asked the question to all her audience as to what really defines them. They were bewildered. On asking the question and on introspection some could give an answer whereas others still chose to walk in the lane of dilemma.

Now I am asking you the same question, what defines you? Where do you want to see yourself few years down the lane? Would you be happy on your death-bed thinking about what you did in your life? Would you look upon your life in disdain or smile and say, yes I have done something to be proud of?

Each one of us has that unique thing that you should harvest, manure and let it grow. And that particular thing will work wonders; that will make you smile on your death-bed. It’s not the money that matters, it’s not the 9 to 5 job and a very successful bank account that matters. What matters in life is the inner peace and that inner peace can come only when you start following your dreams.

You might be thinking, she isn’t successful and why should we read her blog and listen to her. But if you are reading my blog then I can assure you that even in your subconscious mind you will not fail to question and invigorate who you are and what defines you and when you find the answer to this question, you never know, you might even LIKE my post.(ofcourse that will make me happy)

Let me have the privilege to share with you a story of my own uncle.

He is 56 years old and a national veteran badminton player. His story might be quite inspirational. He graduated with very good marks and while in the college he was popular as team captain of almost all the sports. He played state-level and as obvious people adored him. But then the usual family pressure and the urge to get settled working in some firm invaded him. He loved playing and that’s what defined him but with all the family burdens and certain other life crisis, he forgot what gave him happiness. He started working for money which certainly was in abundance but it didn’t give him inner peace. Slowly he could see himself in a devastating state. He found life miserable, he found no meaning in life. He gave up. he felt depressed. Some said refer to a psychologist and he did. Doses of medicines couldn’t help him. One day his friend came over to see him. He advised him to start playing badminton once again.

‘I dont think I can play. Look at me I am over 50. I will be in death-bed in some years.’

‘Its never too late. Follow your heart.’, his friend told him.

And after convincing my uncle for about hundredth time, he couldn’t say a no.He started playing and by and by, his depression, his long-term agony and loneliness disappeared. It was as though he started living again, breathing again. He found new meaning to life and look at him he is 56, successful as a badminton player.

If you love cooking start doing that. if you love reading start doing that. If you love traveling do that because life gives you one good chance. Dont sit and stare. Walk,run ,chase and dare!


11 thoughts on “Follow your heart

  1. I really like this post. I’m in a similar space; too busy with work that I feel like I’m forgetting what defines me or allowing the day to day mundanes tasks of life to define me. “Dont sit and stare. Walk,run ,chase and dare!” I love that. Keep going πŸ™‚

    Lydia x


    • Thank u Lydia.. will hold a special place in my life..coz you are the first person to comment on my first post of this blog.. i m new in wordpress and getting a feedback is wonderful.. thank u once again..:)

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  2. Lovely Post ( Following ones Heart ), I Love it… Because I do what my Heart wants…. “It was as though he started living again, breathing again. He found new meaning to life and look at him he is 56, successful as a badminton player”.
    How can you live without Following Your Heaet? Don’t forget it’s the CPU we need.
    Just saying
    Lovely Post

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  3. nice post, well done! we all should follow our dreams, but that’s easier said than done, because sometimes life gets in the way of things we want to do!
    I found your little space on the community pool, and I’m glad I did, Please do visit my blog when time permits, thanks in advance and see you there! πŸ™‚

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  4. Your uncle is a perfect example isn’t he. I think it’s maybe the one most important lesson we have to learn in life – to follow our heart. All else falls into place when you do that.


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