Thank you!

I woke up this morning with a certain vigour  and enthusiasm. With one eye still closed and with half of my mind still sleepy, I took charge of the so-called most powerful tool of the era the smart phone. Yes truly it’s a smart phone because I could conclude that the reason of  my happiness was the new-found love for WordPress and my smart phone notified me with the comments I  have received on my blog.

In my early 20s,I believe I still have my teenage genes dominant over my adolescence because every time I received a notification, I smile and open it with infinite zeal. I am certainly in LOVE with the blogging community. This gives a positive vibe and what makes me spellbound and happily surprised is the appreciation and love of people. No matter how busy they might have been but people do care and read the posts. I received mails of appreciation from people far across the globe and it makes me feel so elated at the very outset that I am a part of something. Isn’t it great that someone from some other continent read your post, connected themselves with the mere nouns, verbs and the prepositions and became a part of your sea of thoughts? Isn’t it great how people read your one blog and humbly comment and appreciate you to write more?

I might not have written this not-so-enlightening piece of writing but I am dying to share my excitement my anticipations because I am loving being a part of this global community. God bless everyone and my special thanks to the ones who took out time from their busy schedule and made me motivated with their feedback.

Thank You once again.

Tonight I can sleep happily.  I wrote something. ‘Well done’, I pat my back.

Sweet dreams!

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