The Race Unknown

Whats this race for? Who are we competing against? Does any one have clue whats going on?

Let me validate my point here. There is this connotation in our society about being well-established and successful and by these two terms I mean-there is too much pressure in following the conventional career. The noble  professions assumed are either doctor or engineers. Being brought up in one such a career oriented family I decided to choose engineering as my career. I have graduated this August with pretty good grades(pat on my back. haha) but since then  I have this thing in my mind -what am I competing for? Ever since kindergarten I have been doing my regular chores; study and top the exams. This has been the most monotonous thing in my life and after completion of my graduation I have started this questionnaire with myself, what am I chasing in life?

On looking back how my life has been I could make out that apart from academics nothing wonderful or adventurous have happened. This is more evident in Indian society because our parents are more concerned with grades,govt jobs and security. Following the non conventional careers like photography, blogging etc seems ungenerous on their part.and today while sitting back on my couch with a mug of coffee on my hand, my mind suddenly exploded with the question, am i still a part of this race?

When I look around, I can see everyone competing hard in the race. This cut throat competition for high living standards, these enormous struggle for proving superiority over other. Everything is a race. If you stop others will throw you out of the track.

But to take a pause and re think about what life is, is  quintessential  because sometimes its better to stop, retrospect and relive your life once again.

Do you feel the same like I do? Do comment and let me know if at times this cut throat competition evolves a sense of devastation within self.images

4 thoughts on “The Race Unknown

  1. Lovely Post… Pursuing Knowledge doesn’t stop especially when it is in line with our Discipline in school, faith and other wise, I see it as a routine because we won’t until we have that thing we desire Knowledge…..
    Same it is in our career, Go to work Monday to Friday, some Saturday.. The routines continue like that in months, years even Decades, and we won’t stop until we get that thing we desire wealth
    Who are we competing against?
    Does anyone have a clue on what’s going on?
    I think only the athletes in the field know what pressure they are in when racing.To me….. No Body cares, because everyone is in a race, some might be same as yours, others might be different. Everyone desiring different things and fighting to get it dearly… They are concerned with what’s going on with, they only know for themselves. You alone know what’s going on

    Sorry for the long note, I just felt like giving it the way i was inspired.

    Cuddles to you, Lovely post

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  2. I think a lot of people feel this pressure. I know I did! Last year, I was working a job I didn’t enjoy much because others told me that’s what I needed to do to be successful: I needed to work full time. When I said I wanted to quit, a lot of people told me not to — so I saved up money and quit anyway. It’s been about 5 months since then and I don’t regret it at all, though it hasn’t always been easy.

    Great post! 🙂


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