Daily Prompt: Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy

Rotten, dilapidated, puny, impoverished and FILTHY-these are the words that stroked my mind as soon as I saw the prompt word Filthy.

A few days ago, I was travelling in a local bus.The jam-packed bus was a store house of all the mortals who had to travel from one place to another for their daily chores. I was one such person who had immense responsibilities and duty calls of my job, my career and a soul which sometimes became despondent and too impulsive. On that particular day, I had to manage my office accounts, my book logs, and had to attend one of the techie fest. Just to sum up, I was extremely busy and I couldn’t find much time to feed my stomach. I took out my cheese creamed cake but soon gave up the idea of chewing it down. I nagged to myself saying that the poor life couldn’t offer me anything better than cakes.I closed the packet once again and slipped it inside my bag and put on my earphones to continue the trip. After three more bus stops, the bus had halted and I got down from the bus through the overly packed hoard of people.

The bus stop where I had stopped was almost empty. And then something caught my eye!

Rotten, dilapidated, puny ,impoverished and FILTHY. Yes he was in such a stage where it was hard for me to figure out if he was for real. His eyes were sullen, his hands faded,the skin was nothing but a rough and dark trench of layers and his appearance could be defined as filthy. From around half a meter, my sharp senses could smell him. I could make out that it was a result of unwashed, uncombed and unhygienic hair and body odor.His contour made me realize that even begging couldn’t provide him with food. Whoever passed by, gave a staunch look and mumbled the word filthy. I could see that he bore no reactions to their words.

I thought to offer him a generous amount of money, but that filthy odor strangled the movements of my legs. I stood half a meter away and kept watching him for another ten minutes. My bus hadn’t arrived and I was extremely hungry. I cursed my ill luck of not getting sumptuous food. I cursed my whole life because every morning I ended up eating either bread or cake. It never made me happy.

Suddenly I turned to that filthy looking man once again. Bewilderment and bedazzlement revolved around my eyes!!

The man was eating dog food! A street dog,  had brought him some bones and some food and without nagging he gluttonously ate them. He was happy.

No amount of odor could stop me now. My inquisitive mind was terribly disturbed. I wanted to know how could someone eat dog food.

The man looked into my eyes and uttered, ‘ I have fever and this loyal companion of mine, travels more then a mile to save me. It’s been over a week since I had seen food or even smelled it. This dog food is my life savior.’

I stood shocked and guilty. I looked at my cheese creamed cake and gave him some packets. I went to the nearby store and brought him generous amount of water and good food.

His wobbly hands gestured me all the blessings of the world and his eyes exclaimed his happiness

I went back home and kissed my cheese creamed cake. How lucky we are to get our meals daily!!

There are thousands who cant afford daily meals.

Stay happy with what you have!




2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Filthy

  1. Lovely… That’s just so kind…
    Continue in good deeds… We are all one(human) without us there are no nation neither will the nation be united without Love…
    Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 2 people

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