How can I keep Calm?

via Daily Prompt: Calm

Rhea sat by the window of the city bus. Her mind a galaxy of thousand of thoughts. In a perfunctory manner, she took out her mobile phone and plunged into the headphones.Her playlist was seemingly melancholic and sad. She placed her head on the window pane and allowed her thoughts to bolt away but she couldn’t….her world was stagnant.

For a couple of days she had been panic stricken and despondent. Her mornings had been nothing but unkempt, lazy and ineffective. She would wake up late and do nothing.Even though her mind wanted to shout at her to loose the belly fats she had put on, the other half reluctantly gave up the idea. Later she would prepare her breakfast and sit near the laptop to jot down few words. But her mind rebelled,she would continuously look at the laptop screen, her head and hand unproductive but her inside was a voluptuous conglomeration of fear, sad, epiphany and hush. She wanted to do so many things in her life. She tried to concentrate on her work but words forlorn her, thoughts disturbed her and from the gem that resided within she nullified and faded into nothingness. This was her greatest fear and her long term distraction which made her shudder her every now and then. She didn’t want to fade away.

Every passing she could feel her life swallowing her to nothingness.

She rushed to her friend and described her issues.

‘Maybe I should see a psychologist. Every one needs one at a time, don’t you think so? I have my job, my family but I am so dissatisfied.Trivial things make me loose calm. In fact I am so calm and nonchalant that I don’t feel like doing anything. It seems my life is stagnant, a mere sheet of blank page that I even though opportunities and ideas trigger me, I don’t feel like writing anything except a mere dot in the page. For the past days, my idleness has converted my vivacity to vapidity. My mind is alert yet inactive. How can I keep calm?’

‘Stop being so repulsive and dissatisfied. You have a long way to go. Hurdles can make life better but learning and earning from those hurdles make the difference between a winner and a loser. Giving up never yields anything but your problem is that you keep calm but don’t work out. Don’t just keep calm, work and  have fun.  Write, sit, dance, connect the dots in your page and transform it to life. The only difference between an empty page and the one filled up is the swift connection between dots. Everyone has a story but few live their life and it all depends on perspective and never giving up. Rhea change the vision and maybe right from today your empty pages can be filled with future,positiveness and sweetness. ‘

Rhea walked out of the room, her mind echoing the words. ‘I cant keep calm, but work and have fun.Yes I should do that.’ She gazed her friend, hugged her and rushed to her work station. She knew she was born to be limitless.

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