How can I keep Calm?

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Rhea sat by the window of the city bus. Her mind a galaxy of thousand of thoughts. In a perfunctory manner, she took out her mobile phone and plunged into the headphones.Her playlist was seemingly melancholic and sad. She placed her head on the window pane and allowed her thoughts to bolt away but she couldn’t….her world was stagnant.

For a couple of days she had been panic stricken and despondent. Her mornings had been nothing but unkempt, lazy and ineffective. She would wake up late and do nothing.Even though her mind wanted to shout at her to loose the belly fats she had put on, the other half reluctantly gave up the idea. Later she would prepare her breakfast and sit near the laptop to jot down few words. But her mind rebelled,she would continuously look at the laptop screen, her head and hand unproductive but her inside was a voluptuous conglomeration of fear, sad, epiphany and hush. She wanted to do so many things in her life. She tried to concentrate on her work but words forlorn her, thoughts disturbed her and from the gem that resided within she nullified and faded into nothingness. This was her greatest fear and her long term distraction which made her shudder her every now and then. She didn’t want to fade away.

Every passing she could feel her life swallowing her to nothingness.

She rushed to her friend and described her issues.

‘Maybe I should see a psychologist. Every one needs one at a time, don’t you think so? I have my job, my family but I am so dissatisfied.Trivial things make me loose calm. In fact I am so calm and nonchalant that I don’t feel like doing anything. It seems my life is stagnant, a mere sheet of blank page that I even though opportunities and ideas trigger me, I don’t feel like writing anything except a mere dot in the page. For the past days, my idleness has converted my vivacity to vapidity. My mind is alert yet inactive. How can I keep calm?’

‘Stop being so repulsive and dissatisfied. You have a long way to go. Hurdles can make life better but learning and earning from those hurdles make the difference between a winner and a loser. Giving up never yields anything but your problem is that you keep calm but don’t work out. Don’t just keep calm, work and  have fun.  Write, sit, dance, connect the dots in your page and transform it to life. The only difference between an empty page and the one filled up is the swift connection between dots. Everyone has a story but few live their life and it all depends on perspective and never giving up. Rhea change the vision and maybe right from today your empty pages can be filled with future,positiveness and sweetness. ‘

Rhea walked out of the room, her mind echoing the words. ‘I cant keep calm, but work and have fun.Yes I should do that.’ She gazed her friend, hugged her and rushed to her work station. She knew she was born to be limitless.


Daily Prompt: Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy

Rotten, dilapidated, puny, impoverished and FILTHY-these are the words that stroked my mind as soon as I saw the prompt word Filthy.

A few days ago, I was travelling in a local bus.The jam-packed bus was a store house of all the mortals who had to travel from one place to another for their daily chores. I was one such person who had immense responsibilities and duty calls of my job, my career and a soul which sometimes became despondent and too impulsive. On that particular day, I had to manage my office accounts, my book logs, and had to attend one of the techie fest. Just to sum up, I was extremely busy and I couldn’t find much time to feed my stomach. I took out my cheese creamed cake but soon gave up the idea of chewing it down. I nagged to myself saying that the poor life couldn’t offer me anything better than cakes.I closed the packet once again and slipped it inside my bag and put on my earphones to continue the trip. After three more bus stops, the bus had halted and I got down from the bus through the overly packed hoard of people.

The bus stop where I had stopped was almost empty. And then something caught my eye!

Rotten, dilapidated, puny ,impoverished and FILTHY. Yes he was in such a stage where it was hard for me to figure out if he was for real. His eyes were sullen, his hands faded,the skin was nothing but a rough and dark trench of layers and his appearance could be defined as filthy. From around half a meter, my sharp senses could smell him. I could make out that it was a result of unwashed, uncombed and unhygienic hair and body odor.His contour made me realize that even begging couldn’t provide him with food. Whoever passed by, gave a staunch look and mumbled the word filthy. I could see that he bore no reactions to their words.

I thought to offer him a generous amount of money, but that filthy odor strangled the movements of my legs. I stood half a meter away and kept watching him for another ten minutes. My bus hadn’t arrived and I was extremely hungry. I cursed my ill luck of not getting sumptuous food. I cursed my whole life because every morning I ended up eating either bread or cake. It never made me happy.

Suddenly I turned to that filthy looking man once again. Bewilderment and bedazzlement revolved around my eyes!!

The man was eating dog food! A street dog,  had brought him some bones and some food and without nagging he gluttonously ate them. He was happy.

No amount of odor could stop me now. My inquisitive mind was terribly disturbed. I wanted to know how could someone eat dog food.

The man looked into my eyes and uttered, ‘ I have fever and this loyal companion of mine, travels more then a mile to save me. It’s been over a week since I had seen food or even smelled it. This dog food is my life savior.’

I stood shocked and guilty. I looked at my cheese creamed cake and gave him some packets. I went to the nearby store and brought him generous amount of water and good food.

His wobbly hands gestured me all the blessings of the world and his eyes exclaimed his happiness

I went back home and kissed my cheese creamed cake. How lucky we are to get our meals daily!!

There are thousands who cant afford daily meals.

Stay happy with what you have!




The Race Unknown

Whats this race for? Who are we competing against? Does any one have clue whats going on?

Let me validate my point here. There is this connotation in our society about being well-established and successful and by these two terms I mean-there is too much pressure in following the conventional career. The noble  professions assumed are either doctor or engineers. Being brought up in one such a career oriented family I decided to choose engineering as my career. I have graduated this August with pretty good grades(pat on my back. haha) but since then  I have this thing in my mind -what am I competing for? Ever since kindergarten I have been doing my regular chores; study and top the exams. This has been the most monotonous thing in my life and after completion of my graduation I have started this questionnaire with myself, what am I chasing in life?

On looking back how my life has been I could make out that apart from academics nothing wonderful or adventurous have happened. This is more evident in Indian society because our parents are more concerned with grades,govt jobs and security. Following the non conventional careers like photography, blogging etc seems ungenerous on their part.and today while sitting back on my couch with a mug of coffee on my hand, my mind suddenly exploded with the question, am i still a part of this race?

When I look around, I can see everyone competing hard in the race. This cut throat competition for high living standards, these enormous struggle for proving superiority over other. Everything is a race. If you stop others will throw you out of the track.

But to take a pause and re think about what life is, is  quintessential  because sometimes its better to stop, retrospect and relive your life once again.

Do you feel the same like I do? Do comment and let me know if at times this cut throat competition evolves a sense of devastation within self.images


Thank you!

I woke up this morning with a certain vigour  and enthusiasm. With one eye still closed and with half of my mind still sleepy, I took charge of the so-called most powerful tool of the era the smart phone. Yes truly it’s a smart phone because I could conclude that the reason of  my happiness was the new-found love for WordPress and my smart phone notified me with the comments I  have received on my blog.

In my early 20s,I believe I still have my teenage genes dominant over my adolescence because every time I received a notification, I smile and open it with infinite zeal. I am certainly in LOVE with the blogging community. This gives a positive vibe and what makes me spellbound and happily surprised is the appreciation and love of people. No matter how busy they might have been but people do care and read the posts. I received mails of appreciation from people far across the globe and it makes me feel so elated at the very outset that I am a part of something. Isn’t it great that someone from some other continent read your post, connected themselves with the mere nouns, verbs and the prepositions and became a part of your sea of thoughts? Isn’t it great how people read your one blog and humbly comment and appreciate you to write more?

I might not have written this not-so-enlightening piece of writing but I am dying to share my excitement my anticipations because I am loving being a part of this global community. God bless everyone and my special thanks to the ones who took out time from their busy schedule and made me motivated with their feedback.

Thank You once again.

Tonight I can sleep happily.  I wrote something. ‘Well done’, I pat my back.

Sweet dreams!


Follow your heart

follow-your-heart-print.jpgI am quite nervous and my fingers are reluctant to write and say a hello to all the beautiful readers! It might be because its been over ages since I had attempted to write anything and thus it is obvious that I give you all the rights to feel free and judge my grammatical errors!

Ahh. writing few words make me feel as though I have found myself back. I have been so busy with my life, with my career, with my friends and family around me that I almost forgot what defines me. Of course, each one of us is different and that’s what makes people unique.

The other day I was watching a video over YouTube in which a speaker was giving  a motivational speech and she asked the question to all her audience as to what really defines them. They were bewildered. On asking the question and on introspection some could give an answer whereas others still chose to walk in the lane of dilemma.

Now I am asking you the same question, what defines you? Where do you want to see yourself few years down the lane? Would you be happy on your death-bed thinking about what you did in your life? Would you look upon your life in disdain or smile and say, yes I have done something to be proud of?

Each one of us has that unique thing that you should harvest, manure and let it grow. And that particular thing will work wonders; that will make you smile on your death-bed. It’s not the money that matters, it’s not the 9 to 5 job and a very successful bank account that matters. What matters in life is the inner peace and that inner peace can come only when you start following your dreams.

You might be thinking, she isn’t successful and why should we read her blog and listen to her. But if you are reading my blog then I can assure you that even in your subconscious mind you will not fail to question and invigorate who you are and what defines you and when you find the answer to this question, you never know, you might even LIKE my post.(ofcourse that will make me happy)

Let me have the privilege to share with you a story of my own uncle.

He is 56 years old and a national veteran badminton player. His story might be quite inspirational. He graduated with very good marks and while in the college he was popular as team captain of almost all the sports. He played state-level and as obvious people adored him. But then the usual family pressure and the urge to get settled working in some firm invaded him. He loved playing and that’s what defined him but with all the family burdens and certain other life crisis, he forgot what gave him happiness. He started working for money which certainly was in abundance but it didn’t give him inner peace. Slowly he could see himself in a devastating state. He found life miserable, he found no meaning in life. He gave up. he felt depressed. Some said refer to a psychologist and he did. Doses of medicines couldn’t help him. One day his friend came over to see him. He advised him to start playing badminton once again.

‘I dont think I can play. Look at me I am over 50. I will be in death-bed in some years.’

‘Its never too late. Follow your heart.’, his friend told him.

And after convincing my uncle for about hundredth time, he couldn’t say a no.He started playing and by and by, his depression, his long-term agony and loneliness disappeared. It was as though he started living again, breathing again. He found new meaning to life and look at him he is 56, successful as a badminton player.

If you love cooking start doing that. if you love reading start doing that. If you love traveling do that because life gives you one good chance. Dont sit and stare. Walk,run ,chase and dare!